Now hiring for the 2019 Harvest Season!!  

Currently hiring for our full time field crew. 5-6 days a week, often 60+ hours per week. This person will report to Ray Sprague, the field crew manager, and will have primary duties of field work. Field work includes: planting, weeding, harvesting and assisting with any other necessary farm task. This is a highly demanding position during peak season (June-September), and requires a “do whatever it takes” personality. You must be flexible (in schedule and attitude).

Must be able to lift at least 50 pounds, and work outside in all of the elements.  You will need a water bottle, rain gear, sun hat, closed toed shoes, and proper work attire. Work with us, and I assure you will be hot and cold, dirty and sweaty. You will probably listen to a lot of questionably good radio stations, laugh a ton, at times be frustrated, eat a lot of strawberries, and sleep really well at night.

Please apply if you meet the following credentials:

  • you are a trustworthy, hardworking, and positive individual.

  • you are a fast learner

  • you are self-motivated to move quickly and complete the tasks efficiently.

  • you are committed to doing good work with a good attitude.

  • you are able to work all day on your feet.

  • you work well with others in a responsible manner without letting socializing get in the way of efficiency.

  • you have a strong interest in local foods.

  • you take precautions to avoid accidents, keeping safety in mind, especially around heavy equipment and vehicles.

  • you have patience for community, as you will be working with the same folks throughout the season in a cooperative environment.