Edgewater Farm is a family farm located along the alluvial plains of the Connecticut River in Plainfield, NH. Originally a five generation family farm, Edgewater Farm was owned by the Colby Family from 1835 to 1974.  The Colby family cut and sold firewood, eggs, butter and buttermilk in neighboring West Lebanon. The family’s long tenure of stewardship came to an end when Pooh and Anne Sprague took up residence at the farm in 1974, not more than a mile from where Anne grew up.  Her family still owns and operates Mac’s Happy Acres Farm (McNamara Dairy), a diverse multi generational dairy farm that processes milk and has a large maple sugar enterprise.  Although initially the two Spragues maintained outside employment (Anne as an elementary school teacher and Pooh as a laborer and part-time musician), they were encouraged by their county agents William Lord and by Stan Colby (previous owner of the farm and also a former UNH county agent) to try growing strawberries on the farm.

The first strawberry crop was harvested in 1976, and from that point other crops were added to accommodate market demand. By 1983, both of the Spragues were working full time on the farm and, along with a few greenhouses, they opened their Route 12A Plainfield farmstand. Today in 2019, Pooh and Anne- along with their children- Sarah, Ray, daughter in-law Jenny, and 36 year veteran Mike Harrington- are all involved with managing the many different aspects of the farm. Edgewater Farm is currently 170 acres in size, with about 80 acres of tillable land on which small fruit ,vegetables and cover crops are grown. We recently added 26 acres of prime tillage land when Ray and Jenny bought the Putnam farm in Cornish in 2012.

We have approximately 70,000 square feet of poly greenhouses in which we grow vegetable and ornamental bedding plants as well as greenhouse vegetables. Our small fruit production includes 6 acres of strawberries, 2 acres of raspberries and 3.5 acres of blueberries.  Our produce is retailed directly through our greenhouses, our farm stand, through our CSA models as well as being available at select locations in the Upper Valley area. We donate to area food shelves and kitchens through our participation with the local nonprofit organization Willing Hands.

In May of 2012 we purchased the Putnam Homestead in Cornish NH.  This was done with an eye toward providing a more stable land base as we were investing effort and money in some leased fields that are most likely destined to be house lots. With the addition of the Putnam Farm we now have a more secure land base and that will in turn insure Edgewater Farm’s ability to continue to meet market demand in a sustainable way as well as support an expanding family. A third generation is now present on the farm as we find Haddie (5), Hobbes (3), Rozzie Hope (1), and Billie (.2) weaving amongst our legs during daily activities. We will continue to take a long view of land stewardship as our farming family goes forward.