It's Em here, from the kitchen, trying to beat the heat posting some of what you can expect to see the next couple weeks!  BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE COOLER and FREEZER anytime for creative culinary inspiration like casseroles, pizzas, smoothies and condiments galore... like roasted strawberries (perfect for margaritas, your own dressing or as sauce for McNamara's newest additions to our freezer, ice cream)!

Stay tuned for our an updated brochure for special orders...

*Please note that as hard as we try to get our salads out on these days, sometimes the time sensitive 10 flats of strawberries come back for us to hull, or we are unexpectedly short of herbs given a heat spell... or the sesame oil gets back ordered.  Thank you for understanding! 

veggie sticks


scone/muffin-cookie-beet or lemon or carrot cake-sesame noodle salad-spring rolls


jam squares-zucchini bread-pasta salad-tabouli-garden balls-hummus


frittata-cookie-bread (the type is a wild card) for our adventurous CSA'ers!-couscous salad-german potato salad- hummus- homemade dressing-green salads


jam squares- quick bread- farro salad- spring rolls-


frittata-cookies-beet/lemon/carrot cake-foccacia-sesame noodles-german potato salad


scone/muffin-crostata/pie-cookie-Hazel's oatmeal bread-pasta salad-garden balls-


frittata-cookie-cinnamon or baker's choice of bread-pasta salad-casseroles for the freezer

Kitchen Jams

The fog had barely lifted from River Road Saturday morning and a bushel of rhubarb was picked & prepped for one of our favorites, rhubarb rosemary jam!  Coming soon to the cooler shelves at the Edgewater Farm Stand.  Look for it opening day: Wednesday, June 15th!